There are only a few albums that could be cited as a pivotal moment in dark music over the past decade, and one of them would be She Past Away’s Belirdi Gece (which translates to “the night appeared”) from 2012. It could be said that the 2010s wave of the darkwave genre is defined by this LP, a monumental component to the scene’s landscape. The album—written by Volkan Caner, Idris Akbulut, and Doruk Öztürkcan from Bursa, Turkey—appeared from nowhere and slowly crept up on unsuspecting fans of the genre. Immediately, She Past Away felt like a reincarnation of Sisters of Mercy with their snappy drum machine underneath Caner’s bellowing vocals sung in Turkish. Or, further, She Past Away is the long lost child of 1980s post-punk bands such as Clan of Xymox, Joy Division, and The Cure.

Label: Fabrika
Barcode: 8016670152354