Reissue of Siekiera’s Nowa Aleksandria, originally released in 1986. A classic record from the legendary ’80s Polish post punk band. Originally released in 1986, Nowa Aleksandria caught brilliantly the cold, sultry atmosphere of the dark times of last years of communism in Poland. Influenced by British post punk heroes like Joy Division and Killing Joke, the album represents one of the most important records in the history of Polish rock.

CD 1 includes:
– Nowa Aleksandria” (LP/1986)

CD 2 includes:
– “Jest Bezpiecznie / Misiowie Puszyści” ‎(7″, 1986)
–  Ja Stoję Ja Tańczę Ja Walczę from V/A “
Jak Punk To Punk” (1987)
–  Serce (Unreleased song from “Nowa Aleksandria” session)
–  2 songs from Jarocin Festival ’85
–  4 songs from Róbrege Festival ’85
–  5 songs from ’85 Demo

Comes with twenty-eight-page booklet that contains lyrics.