Awesome collection of the double Peel Sessions recorded in 1977 and 1978 at the very beginning of this heavyweight’s career. Awesome sound and very interesting insert full of pictures, stories and interviews. The 1977 session has been recorded before they released their first single (Hong Kong Garden) and their first LP (The Scream) and you can hear the punk roots more than ever before. In the 1978 session we’re still into the very early Banshees days and the songs are more raw and aggressive than their official versions. Mandatory for every 77 punk and post punk maniac!
John Peel Session One: Recorded: 29th November 1977, first Transmission: 5th December 1977 –
John Peel Session Two: Recorded: 6th February 1978, first transmission: 23rd February 1978 –
(Rotten Fruit Records)