If you love ASTA KASK and never heard SÖTLIMPA, be sure that your new passion will be this band. Sötlimpa was formed in the suburb Molndal outside Gothenburg back in the 1980 (makes em one of the earliest band in the second wave of Swe punk). They released one EP and 12″ during their existence, played 100 gigs all over Sweden, and along with Asta Kask founded the so called Swe melocore. They reached a wide audience by the time as they attented both – 77 punk and hardcores, and played in venus, clubs and squats all over Sweden with semnal acts like Anti Cimex, Disarm, Asta Kask, Moderat Likvidation etc. Alot of feeling, energy and power coming from these guys. LP includes both demos, 7″ and 12”.
(Distortion Records)