This is Mjölby, not NY: Sweden’s S.O.D. started about the same time with Stormtroopers of Death from Big Apple: Their first recorded material was a demo tape from 1983, they released two ep’s, Sound of Disaster (1985) and Speak Swedish or Die (1990, Really Fast) and according to Swedish Punk there is the Stabilitet? ep from 1997 on Hepatit D and Lagar Och förordningar boot ep from 2000, they also appeared in some compilations.
This LP compiles their both ep’s, Sound Of Disaster 7” released in 1985 and “Speak Swedish Or Die” 7′ 1990 (same sessions as on their first 7″, recorded on March 31st, 1985) , 3 songs from V/A “Really Fast Vol. II” plus live soundboard recordings (Live At Ultra – Dec./25/1984)
Includes an insert. Limited to 180 copies.
FFO: Anti-cimex, Discharge, Kuro etc.
(Sound of Disaster Records/Unofficial Release)