“This is one small attempt to make something of the bewildering history of these ‘united states,’ and the long age of exile that follows in the wake of this colonial project. An attempt to become better students of the land we occupy, and the long resistance of its stewards to cultural and ecological decimation. A vehicle for histories that won’t sit still.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to Age of Exile in the past few weeks. I got a preview before it came out and on the first listen I was hooked. My first impression was that it sounded like Kaleidoscope (with whom Straw Man Army shares members), but it’s reaching toward something more like the song-oriented anarcho punk of Zounds and Crisis. I’ve been playing this record into the ground in the subsequent weeks, though, and there’s so much more to hear than a simple “this kinda sounds like this” comparison. One thing Straw Man Army shares with Kaleidoscope is a sense of rhythmic sophistication and inventiveness” Sorry State
(D4MT Labs Inc Neurosonic Research/2021)