A lot of people have been asking us when “PERUVIAN VACATION” would be back in print – and here’s the reason for the delay – a super deluxe CD version (with the bonus record featuring all tracks from the “Unreleased Mr Adult LP session and the January 1985 demo – 16 additional tracks, 12 of which appear on vinyl for the first time!)

This is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades old into a wonderful, must own package!


Peruvian Vacation
1 Virgin Bombshell Fucker / It’s Fun To You
2 Wipe Out
3 You Shoulda Listened
4 Always Never Fun
5 I Scream Inside
6 You Die
7 Peruvian Vacation
8 This Is The Norm?
9 So Much Fun
10 Born To Built To Grind
11 In Bed At Night
12 I Don’t Wanna Get Involved With You
13 The Pit
14 Life’s A Drag
Unreleased “Mr. Adult” LP
15 Wipe Out
16 You Shoulda Listened
17 Always Never Fun
18 I Am Ill
19 What Happens Next
20 In Bed At Night
21 Born To F✶✶k
22 So Much Fun
23 This Is The Norm?
Unreleased Demo Tracks Recorded 3/1/1985
24 Sleeping Troubles
25 This Is The Norm?
26 Taken Too Many
27 Elephant Man
28 The Pit
29 I Am Ill
30 Linden Sell Me Your Scarf
Unreleased Coolest Retards Demo Tracks Recorded 3/1/1985
31 Livin’ In A Dream
32 Buthole
33 Vicky

(Boss Tuneage Records)