The 1982 demos from Venice Beach legends Suicidal Tendencies available again on vinyl. Raw, fast hardcore, which became a blueprint for generations of bands that followed in their footsteps. A9 & A10 + B1 – B7: Unreleased
Issued with a one-sided foldout with lyrics, credits and concert flyers.

01. Suicide’s An Alternative
02. I Shot Reagan
03. Suicidal Failure
04. Memories Of Tomorrow
05. I Saw Your Mommy
06. Fascist Pig
07. Possessed
08. I Saw Your Mommy
09. You Are Forgiven
10. War Inside Myself

01. Stupid Genocide
02. Kill
03. Pseudo Mom
04. Two Sides Politics
05. You Are Forgiven
06. Burn The Constitution
07. Kill

(Fan Club/Unofficial Release)