SWINDLE BITCH | discography 1993-95 | LP/Orange Vinyl

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Full title: “Lonely wolf like a storm – complete Swindle Bitch 1993-95”. Shizuoka City thrashin’ Hardcore explosion!! Complete discography of this fast and raging brigade combining the 80’s/early ’90s tradition of the many legendary acts from their area with a solid thrash backbone and a touch of Burning Spirits Hardcore, enhanced by scorching guitar hooks and the throaty vocals of their frontman aptly named “Gorilla man”! Featuring Akiyama on drums (also in The RUSTLER, ZAMZA, FORWARD and many more). 24 tracks including their demos, the split 7″ with The Rustler, compilation tracks, live and more. Sourced from ultra-rare tapes and remastered for the best sounding impact on vinyl! LP with OBI strip and 16 page booklet with a lot of band photos, flyers, original artwork scans etc..

Diehard smokey orange transparent vinyl (180 grams) limited to 150 copies.
(F.O.A.D. Records)

1 in stock



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