These are hand numbered out of 247 copies.
Ugly and feral Scandanavian dirtbag-punk featuring members of Brainbombs, No Balls, Totalitär and The Teenage Graves.
A-Side has three songs worth total slime, muscular and wildly careening minute-long blasts that are total punkfuck middle finger shits. “Wake Up And Piss” and “Payback Time (Last Day For My Boss)” are just upper-level neanderthal blasts of testosterone, but I think “In A World Full Of Crap” has a little something extra. A slight finesse to it and one of the only tunes with a time change in it, but it has that little something extra.
B-Side has 3 more blast including the stomach churner “Slit My Throat On The Way Down”. The guy sounds like he means it, intoning the mantra over a repeated monster riff that might induce nausea after repeated spins and finally breaks into some gnarly feedback wailing.
Overall this is the type of thing you might expect from Brainbombs/Totalitär members, although these guys sound a little bit more human. But not by much. Sick stuff for fans of Euro-filth.
(Ken Rock Records)