Tank (stylized as TANK) is the name of two British heavy metal bands, both of which stem from a band formed in 1980 by Algy Ward, a former member of The Damned. The original band is known as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. Tank was often compared to Motörhead as both bands were trios fronted by singing bassists, and played a loose, almost punk-styled metal music with often colourful lyrics.

Filth Hounds of Hades is their debut studio album, released in March 1982 on the Kamaflage label.

The album was produced by “Fast” Eddie Clarke of Motörhead, and recorded between December 1981 and January 1982 at Ramport Studios in London.
The title came from Viv Stanshall’s Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, originally a radio series recorded for the John Peel show in 1975, and later a 1978 album and 1980 film:

“Filth hounds of Hades!: Sir Henry Rawlinson surfaced from the blackness, hot and fidgety, fuss, bother and itch, conscious mind coming up too fast for the bends, through pack-ice thrubbing seas, boom-sounders, blow-holes, harsh-croak Blind Pews tip-tap-tocking for escape from his pressing skull….”

In an interview with Sounds, drummer Mark Brabbs said that “It came from Viv Stanshall’s book and it just sounded apt ‘cos we all like his humour. It just seemed to describe the sort of people who came to see us when we first started they were the same as us, just having a party, starting drinking each day at lunchtime, so it seemed apt, ‘cos we called them The Filth even then, though not in a derogatory way!”

Regular edition, canary yellow vinyl, ltd 400, insert, poster, Original transfer by Marcus Mossmann (R.I.P.) at PHONOGRAPHIC ARTIFACTS in March 2021. Audio cleaning, restoration and mastering by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in April 2021. Cutting by SST Germany on Neumann machines for optimal quality on all levels… The ultimate audiophile edition of this eternal NWOBHM classic!

Label High Roller
Barcode: 4251267713226