The first full length from the Kings of Splatter Thrash served with a totally remastered sound bringing it to the best possible quality. Originally released on LP in 1986, this classic has been out of print for over 10 years and will now be available including lyrics. This legendary release has influenced many bands around the world because of its fiercely original style, screaming mad thrashing splatter Hardcore at its best. When this album hit record players and tape decks in 1986 it was something way more aggressive than a lot of punk kids were used to and something way more raw and pissed off than a lot of metal kids were used to. That?s a beautiful thing and it?s influence can still be felt today. There?s a lot of crossover bands to choose from but if you were looking for a marriage of punk and metal that just honestly kicks your teeth in with every listen you can?t go wrong with this album.
(Unrest Records)