Recorded in 1981, this classic album took the band further down the road of despair, initiated with Seventeen Seconds, with an album full of mournful atmospheric tracks, including their hit single, “Primary”. “Robert Smith has expressed his appreciation for the music of Joy Division and I would say that this album, Faith, is The Cure’s Closer — dark, monotone, toy drumming with layers of anguish and compelling lyrics. ‘The Funeral Party’ is like Joy Division’s ‘Eternal’ — dealing with loss in an effective, but original way. I compare The Cure’s Faith album to Joy Division’s Closer only to express how well I feel Robert Smith managed to make an effective album — this is original, unique and beautiful music.”

Deluxe Edition 2CD. Includes 4 previously unreleased tracks and 15 tracks on CD for the first time. 20 page booklet including sleeve notes, lyrics and rare photos.
1-1 The Holy Hour
1-2 Primary
1-3 Other Voices
1-4 All Cats Are Grey
1-5 The Funeral Party
1-6 Doubt
1-7 The Drowning Man
1-8 Faith
1-9 Carnage Visors: The Soundtrack

Rarities 1980-1981
2-1 Faith (RS Home Demo)
2-2 Doubt (RS Home Demo)
2-3 Drowning (Group Home Demo)
2-4 The Holy Hour (Group Home Demo)
2-5 Primary (Studio Out-take)
2-6 Going Home Time (Studio Out-take)
2-7 The Violin Song (Studio Out-take)
2-8 A Normal Story (Studio Out-take)
2-9 All Cats Are Grey (Live)
2-10 The Funeral Party (Live)
2-11 Other Voices (Live)
2-12 The Drowning Man (Live)
2-13 Faith (Live)
2-14 Forever (Live)
2-15 Charlotte Sometimes (Single)
(Fiction Records – 084 009-8, Polydor – 084 009-8, UMC – 084 009-8)