Their complete first three studio sessions for John Peel’s BBC Radio show, this features 13 rare and unreleased versions of their early songs.
– Tracks A1-A4 Peel Session I, 11/12/1978 –
– Tracks A5-B9 Peel Session II, 16/05/1978 –
– Tracks B10-B13 Peel Session III, 10/03/1980 –

A1     Killing An Arab
A2     10:15 Saturday Night
A3     Fire In Cairo
A4     Boys Don’t Cry
A5     Desparate Journalist In Ongoing Meaningful Review Situation
A6     Grinding Halt
A7     Subway Song
B8     Plastic Passion
B9     Accuracy
B10     A Forest
B11     17 Seconds
B12     Play For Today
B13     M
(Strange Fruit/Unofficial release)