Frontman MJ Howells and his drumming brother Peter Purrfect formed glam-rock band Rockslide in Manchester in the mid-1970s with bassist Wispa Cundall and guitarist Vic Long but changed direction after seeing the Sex Pistols; Long was replaced by guitarist Gus Gangrene and after shifting to London, their new identity was pure punk. Debut EP Temptations Of A White Collar Worker sold 14,000 copies in short shrift, paving the way for the dynamite LP Further Temptations, the sole long-player they managed before splitting in the mid-1980s. Brash, bold, defiant and non-conformist, Further Temptations kicks ass!

Side A
1 Persecution Complex
2 Bone Idol
3 Movement
4 Be My Baby
5 Corgi Crap
6 Sad So Sad
7 The Change
8 Lookalikes
9 The Underdog

Side B
10 No More Time
11 City Drones
12 Just Want To Be Myself
13 Lift Off The Bans

Bonus Tracks – Single Versions
14 Lookalikes
15 Corgi Crap
16 Just Want To Be Myself
17 Bone Idol
(Radiation Records)