This new 7” single release is a musical cooperation between The Ex and the Ethiopian acoustic band Fendika. The Ex has a long history with Ethiopian music and has worked together with Fendika for 6 years on many European and American festivals and also in Ethiopia. Slowly they’ve grown closer and the result is stunnning: the typical Ex rhythms and riffs, combined with traditional instruments (one string masinko, kobero drums) and the great voice of singer Nardos.
“Addis Hum” is based on “Gue”, a traditional Ethiopian Gurage song.
“Lale Guma” is a song by Ayalew Mesfin and the Fetan Band. “Shellelle” is a traditional war cry. Both are chants which narrate the battles and account for the heroes, sung to boost confidence and inspiration.
Recorded at the Next To Jaap Studio, Voorhout (NL) by Corno Zwetsloot and Gavin McDowall on June 16, 2014.
(EX Records)