If Johnny Rotten was the face of the first wave of Punk Rock then The Exploited’s Wattie Buchan was undoubtedly the figurehead for the whole “UK 82” Punk explosion
This 27 track collection features all of the bands singles including the National Chart hits “Dogs Of War”, “Dead Cities” and “Attack”
Booklet contains detailed notes on each release plus pictures of all relevant sleeves.
Still going strong to this day.

Tracks 1-2 taken from “Oi! The Album”.
Tracks 3-5 from “Army Life EP”.
Tracks 6-8 from “Barmy Army EP”.
Tracks 9-12 from “Apocalypse Tour 81”.
Tracks 13-14 from “Dogs Of War” single.
Tracks 15-17 from “Dead Cities EP”.
Tracks 18-19 from “Don’t Let Em Grind You Down EP”.
Tracks 20-21 from “Attack/Alternative” single.
Track 22 from “Britannia Waives The Rules”.
Track 23 from “Troops of Tomorrow” DJ only promo 12″.
Tracks 24-25 from “Computers Don’t Blunder” single.
Tracks 26-28 from “Rival Leaders EP”.
(Captain Oi Records)