77-Early Years-79 is a compilation of the band’s first four singles, all originally issued on Step Forward Records, and was first released as an LP in 1981. One album track (“Dice Man” from Dragnet) is also included, and a CD reissue in 2000 adds two tracks from the various artists compilation Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Ballroom, from the same time. 2002’s Early Singles drops “Dice Man” and adds three singles recorded for Kamera Records in 1981 and 1982, with their B-sides. In 2003, tracks from the Step Forward singles and two albums recorded for the label were selected for It’s the New Thing! – The Step Forward Years. The first of multiple Fall compilation albums and certainly one of the most valuable.

Bingo Masters Breakout
Psycho Mafia
Various Times
It’s The New Thing
Rowche Rumble
In My Area
Dice Man
Psykick Dance Hall No. 2
2nd Dark Age
Fiery Jack

Label: Radiation Reissues – RADK7019
Barcode: 8055515233667