“Let’s go back to rough & dirty punkrock from the UK and a band that didn’t make an official album, but four fantastic 7inches. Originally formed as a five-piece band from Wigan in 1979, Barry (vocals), “Psycho” (guitars), Dean (bass), “Bambi” (drums) and Tina (2nd guitar), there were two bands called “The Insane” for a while when the original band split. They were very young at the start, with some of the group having only just left school. The band were rank amateurs, with Tina utilising the one-finger down the neck method made infamous by Crass. The band gigged for a year or so before making their vinyl debut with a track called ‘Nuclear War’, which appeared on the 1981 compilation Ten From The Madhouse. Read further infos on punkygibbon. The band actually saw fourteen different line-ups in their career and also recorded for Riot City Records. Both David and Simon later became members of Flux Of Pink Indians.”
(Mad Butcher Records)