Repressed for the first time since 2007, Queer Pills is re-releasing/repressing this amazing slice of UK Anarcho Dark Punk. Originally self- released by the band on cassette in the UK only in 1984. The track ‘Animal Crimes’ from the tape was featured on legendary UK Anarcho/Punk ‘Who? What? Why? When? Where?’ compilation LP in 1984 released on the pioneering and influential Mortarhate Records. Over the years the band has become very well known and is the demand has been building for this reissue.
Previously released as a demo tape in 1984 on Inept Tapes.
Recorded on October 3rd, 1983 at Arnys Shack, Bournemouth, UK.
Insert with lyrics and band pictures included.

For Fans Of:
Flux of Pink Indians
Rudimentary Peni
(Puke N Vomit/Queer Pills)