The third full-length from The Methadones and second from the solidified lineup of Dan Vapid (Screeching Weasel / Riverdales / Sludgeworth), Mike Byrne (ex-Vindictives), Pete Mittler, and Mike Soucy finds the band taking a somewhat different route than the band’s past endeavors. Not Economically Viable, an album loosely based on the movie Falling Down (in which a disgruntled office worker takes revenge on those causing his disposition), takes cues from both classic punk (yes, they still channel the Ramones a good deal) and the mature side of early 90s Lookout pop, both likely due to Vapid’s past projects, and is a little more guitar-driven this time around, with scattered solos thrown about, and devoid of any post-20th century influence whatsoever (yes, the use of parentheses in this paragraph is unnecessarily liberal).
(Thick Records)