First time I heard this E.P. what struck me was the energy that this band delivers. This is their first record I believe and when you listen to the bands later albums this record sounds young. Young is not a bad thing and in this case a good first album from the band that you could say is the forefathers of the new Mod revival.

“Hard Mod Internationalist E.P”. kicks and punches with a three chord aggression that you easily could call punk but that may be short sighted because even on this fuzzy raw sounding E.P. the band foreshadows what they are going to become as song writers with touches of melody and hints of sonic texture.

With a stomping two step beat that would make The Specials proud, “Control Your Temper” bounces out my speakers. The amphetamine fueled guitars wrench out manic riffs while Lukas Sherfey snaps short sharp lyrical bursts. For sure a song that will get your body moving.
The band settles down in to the sound and melancholy tempo that Lukas thoughtful lyrics and tear stained voice is built for on, “No Jobs”. Three chords of fuzzy guitars works well to give this political jab a pleasing sound.
“Still An Echo” is the stand out track on this record. Lukas ability to convey pain, anger, and sadness all at the same with his melancholy and romantic style is what keeps me coming back to this band time and time again. The thump from the rhythm section bounces against the fuzz of the jangly guitar riffs, giving the song nice movement. This was the song I knew that these guys were going to go on and write some great songs.

“Hard Mod Internationalist E.P” is a solid Hard Mod record that many bands would be proud to put out, but in this case it is the raw, fuzzy, and some times stumbling first record from a band that would go on to put out some stellar records.

For Fans Of: The Strike (USA), The Manics, RAF, The Bite, The Riots, Red London, The Circles, Small Town, Killermeters, Redskins, and The Jam.
(Weird Face Records)