“Presented on 140-GRAM VINYL, this is a deluxe release of an Australian radio broadcast live recording from The Offspring’s classic 1995 tour.”
No strangers to the live scene, The Offspring leapt at the chance to capitalise on their newfound success, and the ?Smash Tour 1995? spanned a staggering 214 dates worldwide between 1994 and 1996. These gigs were received particularly well in Australia, the one country where Smash had topped the charts. The band played 11 shows there in 1995, many of which were subject to live FM broadcasts, both nationally and in the US, and it is a collection of the best of these that features of this deluxe vinyl release. Gathering together a wide array of classics from their catalogue, including their three recent singles, this set showcases a band hurtling towards international fame.
(Parachute Recordings Company)