These tracks were recorded early-to-mid `74, almost a year after the band had formed and almost 2 1/2 years before the release of the first Saints` single in 1976. The recording was made in Ed Kuepper`s parents` garage, except for “Misunderstood” which was recorded at Queensland University, direct onto a mono cassette-deck and features the second line-up of the band. Before this the Saints were a 3-piece, with Ivor Hay on piano and no drummer. It captures the band near the beginning of its first phase, as opposed to the EMI release which was at the end, and without getting into a debate about aesthetics, this one`s probably better. In a different universe this would have been the first Saints LP.

Wild About You
Do The Robot
One Way Street
Knock On Wood
Erotic Neurotic
River Deep, Mountain High
(I’m) Stranded
Messin’ With The Kid
(I’m) Misunderstood
(Radiation Records)