Time has proven countless times that Japanese punk is indeed the bees knees, and The Sexual are no exception. Initially more of a first wave hardcore band, The Sexual developed a harder, heavier and faster approached as they progressed, with more feedback, distortion and Discharge worship than before. You get the first flexi 7″ EP “Suicide” from 1984, the second flexi EP “The Last Days” from 1985, the 2 tracks from Jisatsu Compilation 8″ EP from 1985 + unreleased studio and live tracks recorded in 1983. And I tell you what: there isn’t a single bad track here. This is one of great bands from Japan and probably from Earth. Just wait to hear “The Last Days” song and you’ll understand what I’m talking about, it sounds like a soundtrack from a sinister movie. I got the feeling that I’ve heard that song before. This is essentially a vinyl version of the official discography that was released in 2002 (and, like a lot of discography CDs of 80s Japanese punk bands, is now quite expensive and hard to find)… it sounds like the audio might have been sourced from that CD as well, because the sound here is clear, bright, and powerful.
Limited to 200 copies, comes with a info sheet and small sticker. Track list:
Tracks 01-04: Suicide EP (1984)
Tracks 05-09: The Last Days EP (1985)
Tracks 10-11: V/A Suicide Compilation (1985)
Tracks 12-15: Unreleased Studio Tracks (Kouchi Reco 8/23/1983)
Tracks 16-17: Unreleased Live Tracks (Kouchi Buzz 9/11/1983)
(Unreleased Records/Unofficial Release)