Deceit is the second and final studio album by English experimental rock band This Heat, released in September 1981 by Rough Trade Records.

Pitchfork’s 20th best album of the 1980s

One of the foundational records of the post-punk era Deceit is This Heat’s second and final studio album. With greater emphasis on drive and song structure than their debut and guided by their certainty that humanity was on a nuclear collision course with itself, Deceit is dense, damaged, furious and inspiring (technically, musically, perhaps even politically).

This Heat developed new strange and volatile strains of avant-garde music that time has proved to be hugely influential, a blueprint for much that would follow: post-rock, math rock, homemade musique concrète, experimental electronica …..

“Over the years, there have been bands to play as aggressively, or even as strangely, but very few have been able to rise from their collective influences and histories to create music so singularly distinctive and inspiring.”- Pitchfork
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