Total Mosh Project was formed on January 1987 by the guitarist Boike Rehbein (ex-Sons of Satan / Speedrage) and the bassist Peter Eisterneier (ex-Harlot Whore). On march 1987 drummer Patrick Pachurra (ex-Coroners Inquest) joined the band, so, they began to practice. Just short and fast songs like Napalm Death. Two months later Lupo (ex-Living Now) and the vocalist Bernard Armbruster joined the band, and soon they began to play in gigs.
If you like bands as old DRI, old Heresy, Intense Degree, early Napalm Death etc you will like TMP so much. Fast and faster. Non stop speed. Never released on vinyl before. 48 songs of pure speed hardcore thrash. This compilation includes
– Vegetable’s life – cd ’91
– Uuaaarrgh!- demo tape ’87
– plus unreleased tracks
Double sided printed big 50×30 cm foldout layout with photos,lyrics,flyers etc.
(Rest in Punk Records)