Limited edition of 250 copies. Singles, outtakes & live tracks.

“Alongside Oi Polloi, A.O.A., Alternative and Political Asylum, Toxik Ephex were another of the very few anarchist bands from Scotland noted to have been associated with Crass. Life began early for the original members, forming the band ‘The Abductors’ on the day Sid Vicious died in 1979 while they were all still schoolboys. The following year in 1980, the band had developed a questionable reputation and had to change their name to Toxik Ephex, which was taken from a medical book, from Fred whom was working as a pharmacy technician at the time.
Gigging then began and soon enough, the band went into the 62 Club to record their song ‘Police Brutality’ on a reel to reel machine which was cut from a live show. It was sent to Crass, and released in 1982 for the Bullshit Detector 2 album. However, by 1982 the band was starting to become inactive, which led to their drummer Jimmy selling his drum set and leaving the band, being replaced by Chiz, and Trouper also being replaced by Mikey ‘Gloo Pimp’ Smith on bass. Afterwards, Gary left and was replaced by Dod Copland on vocals, and Fred’s brother Dave Wilkinson filled in rhythm guitar until Steve Anderson took over. Unfortunately, Steve Anderson was replaced by Frank Benzie, and this became Toxik Ephex’s ‘classic’ line-up.
With keeping the ‘Do it yourself’ attitude, Fred started his own label called Green Vomit Records. With support from Oi Polloi, and money raised from their gigs, Toxik Ephex entered Pier House Studios in Edinburgh to record their ‘Punk as Fuck’ single. the original singles were handmade and sold out very quickly, so they were repressed, but with printers this time due to popular demand. The three song titles: ‘Fallout Shelter’, ‘Always Skint’ and ‘Nothing’s Permissive’ pretty much summed up what the band’s views were of contemporary life.
In 1987, Toxik Ephex teamed up with Oi Polloi and released the split L.P. ‘Mad as Fuck’. The record was recorded the exact same way the one before it was. It was featured on Fred’s label and recorded in the same studio. The record gave the band yet another boost, and they soon began working on their next E.P.
1989 saw a split E.P. release by Toxik Ephex and Shrapnel on the Words of Warning label. During the same year, the band recorded their debut album ‘The Adventures of Nobby Porthole the Cock of the North’. The band carried on, but the unemployment and lack of money were starting to get the best of the band. They could had signed on to big labels, but the band refused to sell out which led to their demise.
Fred left the band to play elsewhere, and Chiz followed slightly after. This is when Toxik Ephex disappeared. Fortunately, every now and then the band reappears to play random one-off gigs around their area with a constantly changing line-up, and still do to this day. 2006 saw a new 7″ titled ‘Civilised’ release. In 2007, their retrospective double CD was released titled ‘Punk as Two Fucks’.”
(Mad Butcher Records)