Defined by constant movement and dedicated to personal freedom, Turnstiles challenged us to play according to “New Rules” in 2011; “Step To Rhythm” and “Keep It Moving” in 2013; “Nonstop Feeling” in 2015 and “Come Back For More” in 2015, the latter through their 2016 debut album “Move Thru Me”.

Always more incentive than invitation, more liberation than restriction, Turnstile stretch out their hand again in 2018 with “Time & Space”. Recorded with producer Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, “Time & Space” marks Turnstile’s Roadrunner debut and shows a band that, with a tremendous amount of heart, doesn’t shy away from even the biggest language images of hardcore.

Brendan Yates (vocals), Franz Lyons (bass/vocals), Brady Ebert (guitar), Pat McCrory (guitar) and Daniel Fang (drums) make hardcore punk that is young in mind and driven by youthful furor. Which aims to break down boundaries, both sonically and ideologically. Always looking outwards, “Time & Space” is the work of a band that operates without borders, is constantly growing and always moving at high speed.

Stereogum: “The biggest hardcore band of the hour could be Turnstiles”, Thrasher Magazine: “These guys are powerful”, GQ attested: “Turnstiles are more than a hardcore band – they have a whole movement behind them”.
(Roadrunner Records)