The second album “Make The Future Mine & Yours” from 1983 is a classic and is in no way inferior to the debut work “Bombs Of Peace”. The original LP is priceless and even the 2001 OX version is hard to find.
This is official re-release, hand-numbered and on 140g vinyl! The 2-sided original insert has been expanded to include liner notes and unpublished photos for the fold-out 6-sided insert.
In the 80s UPRIGHT CITIZENS were above all the international hardcore punk band from the West Germany. The first line-up consisted of Anton (vocals, guitar), Uli (guitar), Crocker (bass) and Mario (drums). The mainly English lyrics and their American sound were very distinctive, which made the band internationally known. In 1985 they were the first German punk band to tour across the United States for six weeks. In addition to various publications, they earned the reputation of a terrific live act, which they also proved as the opening act for punk greats such as DEAD KENNEDYS, UK SUBS, DOA, BAD RELIGION and many others.

1. Attack
2. Feel My Fate
3. Government Wins
4. Ground Zero
5. Hated
6. Long Songs
7. Never Say Goodbye
8. Now Or Never
9. Pseudo Punk
10. Swastika Ratss
11. The End
12. What Are We Gonna Do Now?
13. Yellow Press
14. You Make Me Sick
15. No Tears For Yesterday

(Colturschock Records)