Czech distro and label “Phobia Records” has become a household name for D-beat / Crustpunk fans worldwide. Mirek’s 20th anniversary as Phobia Records is celebrated with this ultimate label sampler. Perhaps the new bible for all your debate freaks out there as it includes a who is who of the current dbeat/crustcore scene.
Package comes with a 28 pages booklet, A2 poster – all profits will go to local FNB and people who need it more than us. Beautifully packaged with fitting artwork. Since Ruin Nation will turns 30 next year I should finally consider something similar, but I really don’t dare because of all the work… so, mucho respect and happy birthday Phobia Records and hopefully we see 20 more years of Phobia releases coming!

A01 . Crutches – Forever Determined
A02 . 偏執症者 (Paranoid) – 悪魔は生き続ける
A03 . Myteri – Insomnia (alt. version)
A04 . Dissekerad – Mörkret I Tunneln
A05 . Earth Crust Displacement – Lost Cause
A06 . Absolut – Savages v.1
A07 . Parasit – Rusa mot din död
A08 . Appäratus – Iconoclast
A09 . Chörnobyl – Benzo blues
A10 . Utsatt – Jag Ser Dig
A11 . Scared Earth – Battlefields (Iconoclast)5
B12 . Warcollapse – Death Rattle
B13 . Ursut – Sträffangeln Talar
B14 . Svaveldioxid – Dödlig Effekt
B15 . Fear Of Extinction – Game Is Over
B16 . War//Plague – Cloaked in Ash
B17 . Voidfiller – Guided Mislead
B18 . Makabert Fynd – Sprider hat, äter skit
B19 . Disease – War Ghosts
B20 . Slutet – Ingen Utväg Vid Livets Brant
B21 . Verdict – I don’t wanna see it
(Phobia Records)