Classic 80’s Japanese hc / punk comp (1984) featuring Lip Cream, GISM, Zouo, Cobra, Mobs, and Laughin’ Nose! Sourced from the official cd reissue and mastered for vinyl for best sound. Comes with a double sided insert.
“Unofficial repress of this excellent Japanese hardcore compilation from 1984. The list of artists should be enough to convince you this is worth your while, but I’ll confirm this comp’s excellence. Also, except for G.I.S.M., every band gets a heavy, professional recording, which is a big plus. On the a-side, Laughin’ Nose and Cobra both offer UK-influenced punk, and Mobs deliver two tracks that combine the best elements of their first and second EPs, which makes sense as this compilation came out between those two records. Lip Cream delivers a huge helping of classic Japanese hardcore with bonkers riffing and G.I.S.M. and Zouo close things out on a weirder tip. While I wish G.I.S.M.’s recording here wasn’t so murky, “Nervous Corps” is a classic with its moshable riff repeating underneath a chaotic sound collage of war sounds. Zouo’s tracks are also rad, particularly the creepy-sounding “Frustration.” Fortunately, this version doesn’t have terrible cover art, and the vinyl sounds phenomenal.”

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A1 Laughin’ Nose I Can’t Trust A Woman

Music By – Charmin*, Pon (2)Words By – Holli Roberts

A2 Laughin’ Nose Scene Death

Music By – Charmin*Words By – Holli Roberts

A3 Mobs Charisma

Music By, Words By – Mobs

A4 Mobs No More Hero

Music By, Words By – Mobs (2)

A5 Cobra 1984

Music By, Words By – Yōsukō*

A6 Cobra Inside Out

Music By, Words By – Yōsukō*

B1 Lip Cream* Pental

Music By, Words By – Lip Cream*

B2 Lip Cream* Dazed Confused

Music By, Words By – Lip Cream*

B3 GISM* Still Alive

Music By – Randy*Words By – Sakevi

B4 GISM* Nervous Corpse

Music By – Kannon (2)Words By – Sakevi

B5 Zouo You Like It That Way

Music By, Words By – Zouo

B6 Zouo Frustration

Music By, Words By – Zouo

(Unofficial Release)