Back in print after its initial release in 2002, this extensive compilation spanning the first 20 years of one of the most influential and important punk labels, Washington DC’s Dischord Records, offers excellent overview of a label from it’s 80s teenage hardcore beginnings to the foundational label it became in the 90s.

A great starting point for anyone new to the label, but also a must-have for long-time fans, this three CD boxset includes two discs of previously released material by Minor Threat, Scream, Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Slant 6, Rites Of Spring, Fireparty, Lungfish, Q And Not U, The Make Up, Bluetip, Autoclave, and a third enhanced CD with unreleased and rare recordings, plus six live videos of early hardcore shows by Teen Idles, Void, S.O.A, Faith, Untouchables, and Deadline, and an interview with label-founder Ian McKaye.

The set also contains a 134-page book with info about all the bands on this release, a brief history of the label, liner notes by Henry Rollins and loads of photos including contributions by Cynthia Connolly, Amy Pickering, Pat Graham, Glen E. Friedman, Jason Farrell, Jeff Nelson, and many more.

– 2 CD’s with previously released Dischord material.
– 1 CD with unreleased tracks and 6 live video clips (by: The Teen Idles, Untouchables, S.O.A., Faith, Void, and Deadline).
– a 134-page booklet with info about all the bands featured on this release, a brief historic review of Dischord and loads of photos.
(Dischord Records)