Influential independent label Posh Boy helped the southern California punk scene to gain
traction in the late 70s and early 80s through a series of releases by then-unknown bands. The legendary 1979 compilation Beach Blvd referenced Route 39, a highway that connected the
label’s various artists, located in suburbs from Huntingdon Beach up to the San Gabriel Valley.
Rosemead’s Simpletones were one of the first melodic punk acts; Huntington Beach’s The
Crowd drew from surf rock and hardcore in equal measure, while the material credited to Rik
L Rik are actually remixes of demos he cut with Negative Trend, now with bass overdubs by
Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford, who also cut lead guitar on “Atomic Lawn.”
This ultra-expanded, double vinyl reissue features 17 bonus tracks of Simpletones and Crowd material, as well as live material from Rik L Rik’s first group, the legendary F-Word!, and the two only known tracks recorded by The Klan, the short-lived quartet fronted by Simpletones vocalist, Richard “Snickers” Scott.

Limited record store day 2020 edition of 700 copies on yellow and turquoise vinyl, gatefold sleeve, updated liner notes and 17 bonus tracks!

A1 –Simpletones Kirsty Q
A2 –Simpletones I Have A Date
A3 –Simpletones Tiger Beat Twist
A4 –Rik L Rik Black And Red
A5 –Rik L Rik Meat House
A6 –The Crowd Suzy Is A Surf Rocker
A7 –The Crowd Living In Madrid
A8 –The Crowd Trix Are For Kids
B1 –The Crowd Modern Machine
B2 –The Crowd New Crew
B3 –Rik L Rik I Got Power
B4 –Rik L Rik Mercenaries
B5 –Rik L Rik Atomic Lawn
B6 –Simpletones Don`t Bother Me
B7 –Simpletones California
C1 –Dirk Dirksen Spoken Word Intro
C2 –F-Word! Do The Nihil
C3 –F-Word! Out There
C4 –F-Word! Do The Haze
C5 –F-Word! Government Official
C6 –F-Word! Shut Down
C7 –Simpletones I Like Drugs
C8 –Simpletones Dead Meat (Killer Smog)
C9 –Simpletones TV Love
D1 –Simpletones Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
D2 –Simpletones Disco Ape
D3 –Simpletones Nasty Nazi
D4 –The Crowd Right Time
D5 –The Crowd Desmond And Kathy
D6 –The Crowd Melody Hill
D7 –The Klan Pushin’ Too Hard
D8 –The Klan Cover Girls

(Radiation Records)