I dedicate my bloody nightmares the right soundtrack with this compilaion of rare Finnish punk singles (1977-1979) and nothing is more unpleasant to them. With twenty-three essential punk rock blasts I arm myself for the fight against the everyday demons, throw the razor-sharp 7Inches at them and cut their heads off, nobody can hide… I find all of you and after almost forty-five minutes, I’m the winner, Yeah! You think tomorrow will be better for you? Never, because I have the best weapon: Punkrock!! – No matter what you do, it will always end the same.

I Really Hate Ya / I Want Ya Back (Briard, 1977, 1.7″)
Olen Tyoton / Ma Vaan Pogoon (Pelle Miljoona & N.U.S., 1978, 1.7″)
Nipa (Eppu Normaali, 1978, 2.7″)
Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay / Hairikko Oon (Problems?, 1978, 1.7″)
Kaljupainen Gangsteri / Vihaan John Travolta (Karanteeni, 1978, 1.7″)
Suomi 60 / Kasvot (Hellhound, 1978, 1.7″)
Mari Pogoaa / Mikkiteline (Ypo-Viis, 1979, 1.7″)
Lontoon Skidit / Kassapaat (Ratsia, 1979, 1.7″)
Mihin Jai Punk? / Uhoan Voimaa (Vaavi, 1979, 1.7″)
Kirjoitan Seinaan / Olet Sokea (Sensuuri, 1979, 1.7″)
Neuroottiset Pohkeet / Selittaja (Sehr Schnell, 1979, 3.7″)
Mua Potkitaan Paahan / Velton Nimeen (Loose Prick, 1979, 1.7″)