Classic and legendary international HC comp put out by Pushead (who of course did the artwork and included his own band Septic Death) in 1985.

“Cleanse the Bacteria (in Spanish , “Clean bacteria”) is a compilation album of hardcore punk groupspublished in 1985 by the Pusmort Records label and compiled by the graphic artist Pushead (owner of Pusmort and singer of Septic Death ), whose drawings illustrate the album cover.
It is a compilation that has acquired the category of cult album. In it, several pioneering bands of hardcore punk and grindcore appear , such as Siege (of whom this is their only official reference).
The album features Pushead artwork on the cover and was the label’s second release (Pusmort reference 0012-02). The first run came with a free maxi single (Pusmort 0012-03), with more songs from some of the groups on the compilation.
Although several of the groups included are of American origin , the majority come from different countries, which makes the album one of the first international hardcore compilations (after Welcome to 1984 , World class punk , PEACE and a few others). Along with the North Americans ( 7 Seconds , the aforementioned Siege , Corrosion of Conformity , Poison Idea and Pushead’s Septic Death ), there are the Australians Civil Dissident , the English Instigators and Part 1 (a group ofdarkwave related to Rudimentary Peni ), the Swedes Crude SS and Mob 47 , the Norwegians Akutt Innleggelse , the Japanese Execute , the Dutch Genocide Express (ex Agent Orange ), the Germans Inferno , the Danish Enola Gay , the Finnish Holy Dolls (ex Riistetyt ), the Belgians Zyklome A and the Austrians Extrem.” Wikipedia

A1 7 Seconds– Regress No Way
A2 7 Seconds– We’re Gonna Fight
A3 Civil Dissident– 20th Century Holocaust Pt. II
A4 Civil Dissident– Death For A Buzz
A5 Instigators– 53rd State
A6 Instigators– The Blood Is On Your Hands
A7 Instigators– Free (You’re Not)
A8 Siege – Sad But True
A9 Siege – Cold War
A10 Siege – Walls
A11 C.O.C.*– Kiss Of Death
A12 Crude SS– Nazi Go Home
A13 Crude SS– Sprang Alla Komunhus
A14 Akutt Innleggelse– Tenk Na!
A15 The Execute– Slash (Live)
B1 Part 1– Black Mass
B2 Poison Idea– Typical
B3 Poison Idea– Die On Your Knees
B4 Genocide Express– Genocide Express
B5 Genocide Express– Factory
B6 Inferno – Wir Sind Schon Tot II
B7 Inferno – Freitod
B8 Mob 47– Fred & Rattvisa
B9 Mob 47– Sjuk Varid
B10 Mob 47– Nedrusta Nu
B11 Mob 47– Snuten Styr
B12 Septic Death– Terrorain
B13 Septic Death– Change
B14 Enola Gay– Grav Et Hul
B15 Enola Gay– Enola Gay
B16 Holy Dolls– Beast Of The Apocalypse
B17 Zyklome A– People Die
B18 Zyklome A– Angry Face
B19 Extrem– Nazi Raus

C1 C.O.C.*– Prayer
C2 Mob 47– Religion Är Hjärntvätt
C3 Civil Dissident– That Was This Is
C4 Genocide Express– Emotions

D1 Instigators– Wrong Word
D2 Part 1– Possessed
D3 Poison Idea– I Gotta Right
(TV Party Records/Fanclub Pressing)