“Founded by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the now legendary Red Bird was, for a time, the hottest independent record label in 1960s America. Working out of New York’s renowned Brill Building, George “Shadow” Morton along with the husband and wife team of Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, produced some of the most influential girl group sounds of the time. So this, my friends, is a real treat for fans of Red Bird and the associated Blue Cat, Tiger and Daisy labels.

The aforementioned Shangri-Las kick-off this 17 track affair. Man, I cannot stress enough my love for The Shangri-Las on these punk rock pages. It’s got to the stage where I’m convinced I should’ve been a heartbroken teenage girl from New York in 1960-something. God, I’m such a sucker for the so-called melodramatic “death disc.” Leader of the Pack was made for vinyl and it sounds as resplendent as ever, here. The Dixie Cups track of choice is Iko Iko; favoured ahead of Chapel of Love. There are so many amazing cuts on display across both sides of the wax, but the side A closer of Go Now by Bessie Banks takes some beating. Step aside, The Moody Blues.

If you love Sixties girl groups or you’re looking to discover the hippest sounds around at that time, then Go Girls is a welcome addition to any collection.”

Track List
A1 The Shangri-Las– Leader Of The Pack
A2 The Ad Libs– The Boy From New York City
A3 The Dixie Cups– Iko Iko
A4 The Bouquets– Welcome To My Heart
A5 Chi-Chi McCauley*– I Know He Loves Me
A6 The Goodies – Sophisticated Boom Boom
A7 Leola* And The Lovejoys – He Ain’t No Angel
A8 Bessie Banks– Go Now
B1 Evie Sands– Run Home To Your Mama
B2 Didi Noel– Let The Music Play
B3 Linda Jones– You Hit Me Like T.N.T.
B4 Dee Dee Warwick– Don’t Think My Baby’s Coming Back
B5 Ellie Greenwich– Baby
B6 The Lovejoys – It’s Might Nice
B7 Roddie Joy– Love Hit Me With A Wallop
B8 Cathy Saint– Mr Heartbreak
B9 The Butterflys– Goodnight Baby
(Charly Record)