Third volume of this all-girl foot-stompin’ bovver rock compilation series.

An extract from the novel “Bovver Birds Rool” (…continued)

Dawn’s preferred nickname was “Demolition Girl”. Or, “Demolition Dawn”, if needs must. She would never answer to just plain old “Dawn”, though. “Dawn” was completely out. She was tired of blokes asking if they could see her “crack”, for a start. That was never funny, to Dawn. Or the blokes, after they’d said it and got their comeuppance. And then there was Jane. Her friends called her “Jane Pain”, because she liked to inflict it on her enemies in lethal doses. Her enemies called her “Plain Jane”, which she wasn’t, but she was hardly the Daily Mirror’s wartime glamour girl Jane, either. A one-girl war? Yeah, sometimes. Especially if you were one of the chancers attempting to call her “Plain”. Or, if you were attempting to cause aggro for her beloved Dawn. And these were The Knuckle Girls. Well, two of them, anyway. The others were many but lesser-spotted, like their Bovver Bird adversaries, unless there was a crisis, which was most weeks. Most days, sometimes. Friday nights were the worst.

(To be continued…)

01) Diana Demon – Jet Set Lover
02) Norah – Let’s Do It Again
03) Debbie Byrne – Burning
04) Maureen Elkner – Dynamite
05) Kiki Dee – Super Cool
06) Mamba Strike – Cat o’ Nine Tails
07) unknown artist – Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’

01) Bobbie McGee – Flashback
02) Jackie & Jan – Bay City Roller Boy
03) Faith Brown – Right Between The Eyes
04) Vic Lezal’s Professionals – Big Brother
05) The Blackboard Rubber Band – When I Kissed The Teacher
06) Alexandra Rubin – Ich Glaub’, Ich Liebe Dich
07) Jessy Joyce – Welcome To My Dream
(Angry Young Women Records)