Cosmic congregation, your prayers have been answered. The Mass is back!!! If there was ever such an artist that perfectly encapsulated the Finders Keepers ethos then that character may well resemble the late and great Jean-Pierre Massiera. Inhabiting various small self-propelled studios in the South Of France surrounded by his various alter-egos, this master of outsider freak pop and phantastique psychedelia transcended multiple genres from spooked-surf through to cosmic disco in his lifelong career, all of which might go some way in explaining why this classic compendium known as Midnight Massiera (The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera) continues to be on the label’s most requested re-releases.

Well, eventually, from the stable of a artist who once called himself Jesus (before a theatrical electric chair crucifixion) it’s time to witness the second coming and rejoice with this very special limited edition. With a custom two colour “cross” insignia screen printed onto “shroud” hessian backed with bible style burgundy book pleather and stitched seams, this impeccable collection finally gets the Finders Keepers limited edition treatment it deserves.

Complete with full-colour insert and extensive sleevenotes, this single record combines more musical ideas, studio trickery and existential/controversial concepts than the average music lover could cram into an entire record collection. You need this record and when you’re fully converted you’ll crave this anointed edition.
(Finders Keepers Records – FKR022LPX)