PNV brings you two new exclusive volumes inspired by the legendary 80s Punk and Disorderly UK Punk series of compilations. Each volume features bands from the three original volumes in the series. The tracks/bands are now on separate collections divided by label. We’ve licensed photos from UK photographer Virginia Turbett, who supplied all the original photos used for the cover art for the original albums. Each LP looks amazing and fits esthetically in with the original series albums, making them instantly recognizable.
All the Riot City bands are on the Riot City comp, not only do you get the original comp tracks, but we’ve added more tracks from those bands from the Riot City vaults. 16 blazing tracks of essential 82 UK punk from the likes of Vice Squad, The Ejected, Abrasive Wheels, The Expelled, The Insane, Court Martial, and Chaos UK.
–Vice Squad Last Rockers 4:37
–The Ejected Have You Got 10p 1:29
–Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle 2:41
–Abrasive Wheels Burn Em Down 2:41
–Abrasive Wheels Army Song 1:55
–The Expelled Dreaming 2:29
–The Expelled Government Policy 2:56
–Vice Squad Resurrection 4:04
–The Insane Last Day 1:18
–Court Martial Gotta Get Out 2:53
–Chaos UK 4 Minute Warning 2:21
–The Ejected I Don’t Care 2:15
–The Ejected Russians 2:27
–Vice Squad Latex Love 1:33
–Court Martial No Solution 2:18
–Chaos UK No Security 2:24
(Puke N Vomit Records)