Repo Man is the soundtrack album to the eponymous 1984 film, Repo Man. The soundtrack features songs by various punk rock bands such as the Plugz, Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Iggy Pop and others. The film score was created by Tito Larriva, Steven Hufsteter, Charlie Quintana and Tony Marsico of the Plugz. Iggy Pop volunteered to write the title song after his manager viewed a screening of the film.
Soundtrack is a snapshot of the early-1980s Los Angeles hardcore punk scene of the time. Director Cox wanted the music to serve as a backdrop to the story of the life of the repo men.

Side A
Iggy Pop– Repo Man 5:09
Black Flag– TV Party 3:44
Suicidal Tendencies– Institutionalized 3:48
The Circle Jerks*– Coup D’Etat 2:58
The Plugz– El Clavo Y La Cruz 2:55

Side B
Burning Sensations– Pablo Picasso 3:58
Fear – Let’s Have A War 2:17
The Circle Jerks*– When The Shit Hits The Fan 3:10
The Plugz– Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) 1:53
Juicy Bananas– Bad Man 4:24
The Plugz– Reel Ten 3:09
(Kojak Records/Fan Club)