Let’s face it Japanese hardcore is some of the most harsh in the world, and this 1986 four way compilation is a perfect example of that. Ripping non stop hardcore action from Lip Cream, Systematic Death, Outo and Gauze. Can you handle it punk? Originally released by Selfish Records from Japan in 1986.
US Fan club release, Includes Insert.

A1 Lip Cream*– 義理 (Be Torn Between Love & Duty)
A2 Lip Cream*– Bloody Summer
A3 Lip Cream*– In Your Mouth
A4 Lip Cream*– Don’t Speak Too Much
A5 Lip Cream*– 汚名
A6 Systematic Death– Tonight
A7 Systematic Death– Jap Gate
A8 Systematic Death– Disobey
A9 Systematic Death– アニーにくびったけ – Be Dead Gone Annie
A10 Systematic Death– Don’t Stop My Way
B1 Gauze– こら!こら!無茶すんなよな!
B2 Gauze– 当たって砕けろ
B3 Gauze– Passion Fashion
B4 Gauze– ネジ
B5 Gauze– 出したくないが、出ちまった
B6 Outo– Slag
B7 Outo– Risky Risky
B8 Outo– Rise From The Dead
B9 Outo– Leatherface
B10 Outo– Warriors
B11 Outo– Ending For “Slag”