Aaaarrrggghhh! The super rare live tape of West-Berlin’s hardcore punk outfit numero uno got a proper vinyl treatment! The sound quality is top notch for a raw punk band like VKJ, it comes directly from the soundboard. They played fast and tight that night, all their hits are featured on this nice slab of wax. It features a cool fold out inlay with live photos and rare VKJ gig posters. A nice collaboration between the proper gentlemen Iffland and LaGare.

01. Heute Spaß Morgen Tod
02. 08/15
03. Ich Wills Nicht
04. Brot + Spiel
05. Vaterland
06. Die Bombe
07. Schwache Nerven
08. Wir Sind Die Ratten
09. Tilt
10. Kaiser Wilhelm
11. Rache
12. Die Pest

Label: Stonz Musikversorgung