What Would Gary Gygax Do? is the second book from the fevered and over-wrought mind of Tim Cundle. A collection of autobiographical, fantastical and odd essays, short stories and columns, its rites of passage narrative is unsettling, upsetting, darkly humorous and oddly uplifting all at once, and charts a deeply personal course that its audience will be intimately familiar with and instantly able to relate to.

With fifty five chapters, each with their own original artwork by Rachel Evans, and over 380 pages of insight and dark humour from a disturbed mind. As well as a foreword by fellow hardcore and RPG geek Nathan Bean, the ex-vocalist of UK straight edge champions xCanaanx, this will make a great bedtime read for any psychos you may know.

Format Paperback | 425 pages pages
Publication date November 13, 2020
Publisher Earth Island Books
Language English