The longly awaited (and announced since years) second and final installment in the “Discoregraphy” anthology of Germany’s most long-lived and respected Fast-core phenomenon. This 153 SONG monster includes all the band’s full length albums, split albums plus a huge selection of unreleased studio recordings, additional splits, comp tracks and live footage. Both CD’s are filled to the brim and you know what’s the deal: ultra fucking FAST turbo speed violence exploding with that furious hyper-blastbeaten craziness that only these Kraut maniacs can deliver. Short ultrafast and loud fits like a glove when it comes to describe the whirlwind mayhem YACOPSAE fire out through these 2 slabs of call it PowerViolence, fast-core or simply Hardcore played at alien sick speed. And to go more in detail, here’s the exact contents: “Fuck PunkRock.. this is Turbo-Speed-Violence!!” 10″, “Einstweilige vernichtung” LP (also available on vinyl via FOAD), split with Your Kingdom Is Doomed, “Tanz Grosny Tanz” LP, Split LP with Sanity’s Dawn, unreleased studio session 2005, “A fucking tribute to Slap A Ham” v/a, “Violent Noise Party” v/a, Live @ AJZ Welmerskirchen (soundboard) and at last but not least the ancient split tape with Noiseslaughter from 1992! All carefully transfered from 1st generation masters and remastered for the best sounding result. BUT what makes this release really outstanding is the over the top packaging, a deluxe digipack boxset including 2 booklets for a total of 80 PAGES filled with photos, artworks, extensive liner notes, lyrics and more! If you are a YACOPSAE maniac this is an absolute must own, if you’re simply looking for the fastest Hardcore violence on Earth to scare your neighborhood, again.. this is a winner!
(F.O.A.D. Records)