Intense old school Japanese Hardcore attack, hailing from Oita – ZIGAI is another well-kept-secret from the legendary Kyushu Punk scene that even in recent times has kept on delivering bands of incredible quality, unique in their sound. Their style combines a solid UK82 influence with the distinctive imprint of their area’s roots, let’s say more leaning towards KURO‘s school rather than the total Noisecore approach of other well-known glories. Complete studio recordings (flexi disc and demo) + 6 live tracks, two of which are completely unreleased up to now. Gatefold LP with OBI strip and a stunning 20 page photo-booklet. In memory of the band’s iconic singer Kabuto.
Diehard splatter vinyl (black splattering on grey) limited to 100 copies.
(F.O.A.D. Records)