This classic punk album from these Scots was originally released in 1990, and has been unavailable for years now. 11 cuts of anarcho punk full of ecological issues, anger and Earth power… and classic anarcho pie receipe!

“This album was originally released as a vinyl LP back in 1990 on the Words of Warning label. It was a small DIY punk label run by a friend of ours from Wales called Karl. He released quite a few good records until one of his bands got signed to EMI. Although they kept their feet on the ground it seemed that their “success” went to his head a bit and he got- a taste for the commercial “music business”. That’s something that has never interested us and we totally fail to see any attraction in that whole plastic and rotten world. Anyway, to cut a long story, Karl started to rip off the bands and eventually ended up as a dodgy drum and bass promoter in Bristol – money corrupts. Then a few years ago he re-released this LP on a CD in a really shitty cover with a booklet full of mistakes and no decent sleeve notes or artwork and pocketed the proceeds. So many folks have kept asking about these songs though that we thought it would be good to have this stuff available again but on a decent label and with decent artwork this time […]” (Oi Polloi, Beltane 2006)

(NNNW Records)