An excellent job of including some really good previously uncompiled tracks. Perhaps the other Bodysnatchers track from the 7″ would have made a better opening track? Pretty much top-notch except for the Z-Cars, Vacant Lot & Wrong Kind Of Stone Age.
Today I kick off with rare punk stuff from down under and the Bloodstains comps have become a monster of their own and I think all releases are somewhere in the network available. The reason for this post is again the excellent rip and the complete artwork and finally, of course, the gifted music on it. Everyone’s heard the classics by Razar, Victims, Rocks, Leftovers, News and Fun Things….all great bands, but they’re on dozens of other compilations so it makes no sense including them here. Instead you’ll get a taste of some killer Australian punk (previously uncompiled tracks) you might have missed.

Mystery (Bodysnatchers, 1979, from only 7″)
Dance With The Fuhrer (Skunks, 1982, from only 7″)
Threats (Young Identities, 1980, from 2.7″ [New Trends EP])
Police (Proles, 1979, from only 7″)
SS Brigade (Public Execution, 1982, from only 7″)
Alcoholic (Press, 1979, from only 7″ and only LP)
Fun (Thought Criminals, 1978, from 1.7″)
Run Amok (Wrong Kind Of Stone Age, 1984, from only 7″)
Multinationals (Vacant Lot, 1981, from only 7″)
Second Glance (Sputniks, 1979, from only 7″)
Guns & Guitars (Just Urbain, 1979, from 1.7″)
Standing By The Window (Tactics, 1979, from 1.7″)
Pyramid Party (Quick & The Dead, 1981, from only 7″)
Is There Someone Out There? (Z-Cars, 1980, from only 7″)
When I Watch TV (Section Urbane, 1983, from only 7″)
Who Wants To March? (Rejex, 1980, from only 7″)
Do The Manic (Chosen Few, 1978, from only 7″)