“In a Rut” is an album of demos from three sessions in the period before they signed to Virgin. Fox, Jennings and Ruffy compiled and remastered this release, and also supplied liner notes. The sessions date from 25 April 1978 (8-track Fairdeal Sessions), 20 February 1979 (Underhill Studio) and Mystery Studio Sessions (early 1979).
Underhill Studio Sessions – 20 February 1979
A-1 Babylon’s Burning
A-2 Babylon’s Burning (Version)
A-3 Blackmans Pinch (aka Give Youth A Chance)
A-4 Babylon´s Burning(Underhill Studio Version #2)

Fair Deal Studio Sessions – 25 April 1978
A-5 Society
A-6 H-Eyes
A-7 In A Rut
A-8 Peel Speak
A-9 H-Eyes (Fair Deal Studio Version #2)

Mystery Studio Sessions – Early 1979
B-1 Something That I Said
B-2 Criminal Minds
B-3 Babylon’s Burning
B-4 Stepping Bondage (aka Gotta Little Number)
B-5 You’re Just A…
B-6 Savage Circle
B-7 Blackmans Pinch (aka Give Youth A Chance)
(Mad Butcher Records)