The wait is over! NYHC pioneers Urban Waste are back with a new album! The album is composed of tracks from a previous digital EP release who features on 2 songs Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret from the mighty Agnostic Front, plus improved, re-recorded tracks with the new line-up sounding more vicious than ever!
Digipak with 8-page booklet. Limited edition of 300 copies.
1 Never Leave
2 Out Of My Head
3 Problems – Featuring – Vinnie Stigma
4 Recession
5 Scared Society
6 Sick Of It
7 Wastecrew
8 Who Won
9 Your Hypocrisy – Featuring – Roger Miret
10 Crack
11 Drug Bust
12 Eat Cake
13 I Won’t
14 If We Only Had Love
15 Military Abuse
16 Mutiny
17 Urban Waste
(Mob Clash Records)